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Getting her old life back is a paperwork hell. Who knew so much wasn't integrated into internet accessible systems? Oh right. She did.

Their newly rebuilt Bludhaven home has much more security and is structurally more secure than before. If only their marriage matched. Oh, it's at least half her fault. Okay, mostly her fault. Dick had people skills and empathy and a host of other camp counselor skills unique to the Bat family. Barbara admitted to herself long ago that she was a bit of an isolationist, especially when times got rough. Dick outwardly had been his general optimistic self but...Sandra was getting to recognizer her again - the good stuff now, but she was waiting for the other shoe to drop on that one. Dick didn't say anything about the tension. He didn't have to.

When the music blasts her though from the elevator door, she recalls an intimate moment long ago. Come on skivvies! she thinks, biting her lip.

Instead, when she walks over, he appears to be running through the parallel bars in some kind of prototype armor. She can't help herself, given the music choice:

"What, no disco collar?"
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A drop reaches her lip and Barbara Gordon-Grayson tastes the brine of her own sweat. She sucks in a harsh breath between her teeth. The bars she hoists herself up on feel slick under her hands, despite the powder she put on them - what? An hour ago? Two?

There's an annoying strand of red tangling in front of her eye. It's glued to forehead. She wills it aware and leans forward. One more step. One more


One -

More -
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Regular scenes:

Flashback: Roy, Donna, Lian and things going wrong/right

Bart and Rose on a date - finally!

Start of "What Could Have Been" (JSA)

Old School JSA greet Polly. (edits pending) (Kendra is still thoought dead.)

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Jason Todd and his new teenaged life

Eddie and Cass

Hippolyta visits Avalon

Ch'p, Travis and Tara

Riddler, back in the game

Custody Brawl  (Blanche, can you contact me on this one?)

Cass flashback with Babs

Daily Planet writing assignments

Aqua family reunion

Doom Patrol in the movies

Ch'p and Terry Berg

Thy Kingdom Come transition

Huntress on the move

 Supergirl meets Billy and Courtney

Lab accident in Metropolis

Teth Adam is looking for investors

Open scene at Wayne Manor

Introducing the grey bug

Kyle sees an old friend with a new peice of jewelry

Outsiders brawl

Gotham crew hunts for Kathy

Two really old men in a bar.  (Carter and Hob)

Brave and the Bold - Godiva and Batman

Titans in Hypertime

Ongoing stories

1) A Tale of Two Jamies (El Paso)

2) The power of three (Bats)

3) Changing times (JLA)

4) What Could Have Been (JSA)

5) Legacies (JSA)

6) 1500 degrees (Supers)

7) Khammms (Doom Patrol)

8) Sentimental Journey (Outsiders)

9)  A Missing Batwoman.  (Gavin, can you name and tag this?)

Special requests for help:
And let me know if I forgot something!
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She rubs her eyes and then readjusts her glasses. She's caught herself staring at Nightwing's cim signal. Still active. Still in Gotham. Still not feeling chatty. Normally, this would be bliss. Dick always wants to talk her ear off about things she'd rather forget...No, not forget. Shelve. Put away in the archive and bring out when it serves some use other then to remind her -

She cuts herself off from the thought and wheels herself away from her terminal. Dinner has been sitting warm in the crockpot for hours after she planned on eating it. Her stomach is growling now and she's once again reminded of her own physical limitations - again.

After scooping up some lamb stew and depositing it over some mashed potatoes she finds herself staring out the impractical clocktower window out onto Gotham City. The clock was a contractor's joke or exploitation; maybe both. There's no way anyone can actually see this thing from the street. It was put here because of the kind of waste and underhanded dealings she and Dick sacrificed their youths to fix. It doesn't stay fixed. Hundreds of years of everyone down there thinking the only way to get by was to look out for themselves created a living testament to the vast good and evil such individual ambition brings the world.

Her neck feels pinched. She moves her hand to rub it when the com beeps and she rolls over to answer it.

Oracle to Nightwing. Respond
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Unemployment was supposed to leave Barbara with time to pause and reflect. Instead, she was surrounded by boxes in a loft apartment while she dove into yet another cyber-brawl.

"DoS attacks? Really?" She muttered to herself as fingers moved swiftly to shunt the would-be terrorists into some oubliette of code and security protocol. "Grow up and join the real cyber-world."

Just as she tracked their point of origin and sent something nasty to deal with their computer's ability to even boot up ever again, a timer rang. Oh, good," she thought. The Apple Cobbler of the Righteous Victor is ready.
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Babs just saw something interesting and it's guaranteed to induce mocking. I'm sort of envisioning this as a "call and harass the people in the sketch and those who know them," BS RP thing. Absolutely no thought or plot involved.

Link here
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The process is frustrating. Especially to someone like Barbara who is not a natural teacher. A couple of times during this whole process, she's been tempted to call in Helena for backup.

"Okay, Cassandra." She stops and sighs. "Do you remember the rule of spelling regarding EI or IE?"


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